nurture every child

What does a child miss most at the hospital? Being a kid. Celebrating small milestones, hugging their pets and playing with friends. These moments comfort a child and keep their spirits up. Happiness promotes healing. Your gift to the Every Child Fund brings childhood into their lives with play, celebrations, and furry friends.

the pet therapist is in

These 23 specially trained dogs not only give wet kisses, they motivate children to stand and move. Knowing their favorite puppy is waiting will help a child through tough times.

creative arts

Nearly 14,000 children have been cheered by our music therapists. Over $50,000 worth of crayons, stickers, bubbles + balloons a year delight kids and distract them from painful procedures.


Your gift provides birthdays, holidays and special events for kids to look forward to. We help families celebrate milestones:

  • 1095 birthdays a year
  • 415 Thanksgiving dinners
  • 150 Halloween costumes
  • and countless bubble parades for the end of chemotherapy.

medical play

Children practice 'procedures' on stuffed animals, so they'll know what to expect in their own medical care. Medical play eases fear and reduces the stress of the unknown.

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