Science Innovation in Partnership Program (SIPP)

Boston Children’s Hospital Science Innovation through Partnership Program (SIPP) As the nation’s top-ranked children’s hospital medical center and its largest, most prestigious pediatric research center, Boston Children’s Hospital makes progress where others can’t. Our research spans the spectrum from basic investigations to clinical trials, with disease-specific studies aimed at delivering new treatments and innovations. Many of our research initiatives benefit adults as well as children.

But we can’t do it alone. We must work with the life sciences industry to create a gateway for biopharma and Boston Children’s to bring world-class leaders together to accelerate innovation.

The creation of the SIPP program has been a concerted effort between Boston Children’s Hospital’s Chief Scientific Officer, David Williams, MD and industry executives to create a program designed to prepare postdocs and fellows for the diverse career options of tomorrow and to accelerate the translation of Boston Children’s Hospital research to life-savings products.

The Science Innovation through Partnership Program (SIPP) will connect Boston Children’s Hospital’s world-class research teams with innovators in industry to:

  • Build a well-trained world-class workforce through the creation of the Boston Children’s Hospital Life Sciences Industry Fellowship Program.
  • Fuse our world-class strengths in discovery research, genomics, bioinformatics, and clinical/translational research to define a new era of treatment for children and adults.

Program Components

  • Life Sciences Industry Fellowship Program is a two-year program designed to prepare our young scientists for the diverse career options of tomorrow and provide industry with a well-prepared workforce.
  • Cross-Institutional Scientific Retreats – Once a year, institutional, off-campus retreats in specific scientific or disease areas to which biopharma funding supporters of SIPP will be invited to become more aware of Boston Children's Hospital science and network with our best scientists in order to facilitate increased collaborations.
  • Scientific Forums and Networking Receptions – Three times per year, Boston Children's Hospital will showcase the breadth and depth of its research with theme- based (technology, pathway, disease group) scientific gatherings followed by networking.
  • Customized One on One meetings – As requested, customized meetings with Boston Children's Hospital Chief Scientific Officer on special topics of interest may be arranged.

For more information on how your organization can participate, contact Jane Hamel at

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