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Led by Peter Weinstock, MD, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Simulator Program (SIMPeds) leads the world in pediatric rehearsal and preparedness. From day one, our goal has been to provide medical teams—physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists—opportunities to practice their skills in a realistic environment that allows people to make mistakes and learn without the risk of harming patients. Reaching across the entire hospital enterprise, SIMPeds works with everyone from residents to division chiefs to:

  • Provide advanced scenario-based clinical training
    Through ‘on-demand’ deliberative practice, doctors and nurses are safely gaining hands-on experience that typically takes years to acquire through real-life patient encounters. Using high-tech replicas of the human body and realistic settings, the program creates superior quality care experiences and outcomes in healthcare.
  • Develop new technology and approaches
    Our SIM specialists are continually engineering more realistic mannequins, devising new training scenarios, and improving 3D printing technology. Because Boston Children’s has a vast and complex patient population, we have a unique knowledge base to innovate and craft new and more accurate simulation training tools.
  • Improve the patient and family experience
    The primary goal of the family-oriented SIMPeds program is to inform patients and parents of what to expect every step of the way—from preadmission, to treatment, and finally home. Through tailored simulation experiences, SIMPeds reduces fear and anxiety optimizing the entire healthcare journey.

Our program is so successful it has served as a model for 12 centers in 7 countries. Yet, more needs to be done. Philanthropic support is crucial to completing the vision of an expanded SIMPeds training center—one which offers a wide variety of comprehensive training regimes while also providing tailored training scenarios for doctors and surgeons to practice the skills needed for specific high-risk patients. Philanthropic support will help us deliver care more effectively and efficiently, reach more children and families, and ensure providers all over the world have the capacity to deliver the highest quality of care.

For more information regarding ways to get involved with the Simulation Program, please contact Wendy Lekan at

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