Event Sponsorship

Through event sponsorship, your businesses can align with the #1 pediatric hospital in the nation in a very public way. Our team works closely with you to customize a program that meets your goals.

  • Choose from different sponsorship levels and events.
  • Enhance your business's visibility through logo inclusion on t-shirts and event day banners, recognition in publications and various other promotional opportunities.
  • Engage employees.

Below, find a sampling of our event sponsorship opportunities. Contact Katie McGuirk at 617-355-8958 or katherine.mcguirk@chtrust.org.

Mix 104.1 Cares for Kids Radiothon

Hear amazing stories of courage and hope from patients, families and staff at Boston Children’s Hospital. Mix deejays broadcast live from the hospital, asking listeners to call in and pledge their support.

Yoga Reaches Out

1,000 yoga practitioners from across New England join together for a day of yoga, community, empowerment, and fundraising. A morning session is led by top New England presenters and an afternoon session is led by a nationally known presenter.


Salons host a one-day Hairraising cut-a-thon. Stylists at the region's most notable salons come in on their day off to donate their talents and time to raise valuable funds for the country’s leading pediatric hospital!

Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Our most popular family event brings together more than 5,000 adults and kids for food, family fun, music and a scenic 2- or 6-mile stroll along the Charles River.

Corporate Cup

In July, more than 100 companies and 2,000 participants come together to compete in a series of field day events—promoting fun, fitness and friendly competition—while raising funds for Boston Children's.

Milagros para Niños Gala

Held each September in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, this gala raises funds to support Boston Children's programs that improve the lives of Latino patient families and beyond.

Boston Investment Conference

The area's finance leaders come together for a day of insights and ideas to benefit pioneering research at Boston Children's.

Champions for Children's

Athletes and ownership from all six local professional sports franchises team up with the area's top business executives for this star-studded event.

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