Employee Engagement

Support lifesaving care and research for kids, and encourage your employees to join you. Form bonds, boost morale and increase your company’s impact by including your employees in your support of Boston Children’s.

For information about the opportunities below and more ways to engage your employees, please contact Carolyn Murphy at carolyn.murphy@chtrust.org.

Volunteer opportunities

Yawkey Family Inn

Cook a meal or donate food items to support families living away from home while their child is in the hospital.

The Boston Children's Hospital Bloodmobile

Blood is essential to provide lifesaving care at Boston Children's. Host the Boston Children's Hospital Bloodmobile at your workplace or donate individually at the Blood Donor Center.

Join an event

Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Walk and fundraise so every child can have a healthy future. Create a company team and join us at the DCR Hatch Shell in Boston in June. Join a community of walkers across the world to help kids find lifesaving answers. Learn more.

Boston Children's Hospital Corporate Cup

This Field Day for adults promotes fun, fitness, and friendly competition in the business community—and ends with a celebratory barbecue. Corporate teams battle for points and glory at Harvard Athletic Complex, but everyone's a winner when they help kids at Boston Children's. Click here to register a company team or learn more about Boston Children's' Corporate Cup event.


Host a virtual toy drive

Bring joy to kids who will spend their holidays at Boston Children’s Hospital. Instead of donating toys, raise funds to provide meaningful gifts to patients and fill urgent needs for families and the hospital. Create a company team and fundraise together to donate joy this winter! Get started.

Fundraise your way

Join together with colleagues and host a fundraiser to benefit Boston Children’s. From golf tournaments to trivia nights to ice cream socials—turn any activity into a fundraiser and receive support from our Fundraise Your Way team to help make it a success. Learn more.

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