Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) works with 170 member hospitals towards a shared goal: improving the lives of sick and injured children. At Boston Children’s Hospital, we provide lifesaving answers from the rare to the routine. It’s why kids from every state and nearly 100 countries come to us for care unavailable anywhere else. We are proud to be your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Fundraising initiatives with CMNH partners and retailers in Eastern and Central Massachusetts and in Central and Southern New Hampshire provide lifesaving care to kids and families through Boston Children’s Every Child Fund—fueling care, research and support to patient families.

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Whether you’re a national company, local business, college Greek organization or nonprofit organization, you can host campaigns or events to help the kids and families at Boston Children’s. Our team will help you plan your fundraising initiative. To learn more and get started, contact Sharon Yon-Johansson at 857-218-3143 or

More ways to help kids

Dance Marathon

Get involved with Dance Marathon

This student-led, year-long fundraiser culminates in an unforgettable, multi-hour “party with a purpose” filled with dancing, music, games, activities and more. Every dollar raised supports the kids and families at Boston Children’s.
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Extra LIfe

Join Extra Life

Join thousands of players around the world in a gaming marathon to support kids and families. Participants fundraise year-round and pledge to game on National Game Day in November, or on a date of their choosing.
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Read more about our CMNH partners, programs and how you can help kids.

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