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What’s cooler than playing your favorite game for 24 hours with friends? Knowing that it helps kids! Join Extra Life, fundraise and play. Just by gaming, you can change the future for children at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Why I Extra Life


"I signed up for Extra Life because of my son, Jacob. I don't know that we could have gotten him to where he is today without the loving care of Boston Children's Hospital. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude. I'm looking forward to fundraising over the next year to help the hospital continue to help families like mine." Read Jacob’s story.


"I love playing games and helping people, which is why Extra Life is perfect for me. It’s also how I honor the memory of my sister. I’ll be gaming for 12 hours on Game Day – mostly because my mom said I can’t do it longer! I’m so glad to be helping kids and their families at Boston Children’s Hospital."


Gamertag: MonkeyDKS

"I game for Boston Children’s Hospital, because they saved my life when I was a baby. Want to know the amazing thing? They cared for not just me, but my entire family. Although it was life changing for us, it’s what the doctors, nurses and staff do every day. They’re saving lives for not just the children, but they're also making sure families stay families."


"At first, I joined Extra Life just to hang out and game with my friends for 24 hours. Then, I met a patient mom who thanked me for all my hard work. The money I raised helped kids, like her daughter, send cancer into remission. I was changed forever. Extra Life isn’t just a gaming marathon; it's a movement. And I’m now a part of the Extra Life Boston Guild."

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Thanks to the 1,500+ gamers who united in 2018 to raise over $270,000 for the patient families at Boston Children’s Hospital!

Boston Children’s Hospital supports healthy, safe and controlled gaming. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s gaming, please visit www.cmch.tv/ or http://cmch.tv/parents/video‐games/ for resources on healthy gaming habits for kids.

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