Memorial Giving

If you've recently lost a loved one or wish to keep the memory of someone important to you alive, consider a memorial gift.  Memorial giving at Boston Children's allows you to create a living remembrance to honor a loved one while also helping sick children get better.

A Gift to Remember

Honor the memory of a loved one by making a contribution to Boston Children's Hospital in their name.
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Create a Tribute

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions help countless kids who need the high-quality care provided at Boston Children's. We acknowledge each memorial contribution and send a family member notification for every gift received. We also ensure that all gifts are directed to the area of your choosing. Please contact Mackenzie Clark at 857-218-3133 or for more information.

Set Up a Memorial Tribute Page

Celebrate the life of a loved one by creating a memorial tribute page where others can remember with you and make a gift online. Keep the memory of the person alive by sharing stories and pictures through blog posts and allow others to comment on the page.
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Contact: Mackenzie Clark
Phone: (857) 218-3133
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