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Kids want to make a difference. At Boston Children’s Hospital we have resources for children and their parents to learn more about how to give back and help us find cures for our young patients.

Generation Cures

What if we could teach our children the power of giving through an interactive, free website? What if an online game could help them discover what it’s like for researchers to look for cures? What if we could teach our kids that they really can make a difference and help other kids? Join Generation Cures and find out how.
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Color Me Giving

Get out your crayons, colored pencils or magic markers. These fantastic pictures need you—the artist!
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Good Books

Read about a talking tree, a boy who makes soup out of a stone, a prince who flies to other planets, and other fun stories. The books on our list will give you great ideas for making the world a better place.
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For Parents

Want to teach your kids about philanthropy? Give them hands-on experience contributing to their family and community? Help them grow new skills of self-reliance and responsibility? Here’s more about our new 26 Steps program and a list of recommended books about family philanthropy.
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