Who Supports Boston Children's 

Board of Trustees, Boston Children's Hospital

These dedicated volunteer leaders make many important contributions to the development of Children's facilities and programs.

  • Stephen R. Karp, Chair
  • Douglas A. Berthiaume
  • Allan S. Bufferd
  • Kevin Churchwell, MD
  • Sandra L. Fenwick
  • Gary R. Fleisher, MD
  • William Harmon, MD
  • Winston E. Henderson
  • James R. Kasser, MD
  • Harvey F. Lodish, PhD
  • Gary W. Loveman, PhD
  • Ralph C. Martin II
  • Thomas Melendez
  • Robert A. Smith
  • Robert E. Smyth
  • Alison Taunton-Rigby, PhD
  • Marc B. Wolpow
  • Laura Wood, RN
  • Gregory J. Young, MD



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