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CVS Caremark

Children are at the heart of CVS Caremark's charitable giving.  Thanks to their very generous and continued support to Boston Children's Hospital, CVS Caremark is helping kids with disabilities learn, play and succeed. 

CVS Caremark Cares for Kids

Children's Hospital Boston and CVS Caremark honor $1M milestone of support.
Boston Children's Hospital and CVS Caremark
honor $1M milestone of support at Fenway Park.

In 2011 CVS Caremark and Boston Children's Hospital celebrated a significant milestone of support for children with disabilities.  Encompassing a commitment built over the last 5 years, CVS Caremark has reached the $1 million mark—through funds from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust and the CVS Caremark All Kids Can Program—in support of the Hospital's Cerebral Palsy Program and the Center for Communication Enhancement. 

Within the hospital's Cerebral Palsy Program, CVS Caremark's generosity has enhanced the functional mobility initiative.  This is a multidisciplinary, nationally and internationally recognized service for assisting children with cerebral palsy, who also may have other related neuromuscular disorders and intellectual disabilities.  The design and set-up of this initiative enables patients to see the multiple sub-specialists involved in their care in one day, rather than making multiple return trips back to the hospital.  

The Center for Communication Enhancement is world-renowned for its care of children with severe communication disabilities caused by autism, spinal injuries, neurological disorders, and other diseases. This multidisciplinary program incorporates symbols, video interaction and computer technology with speech pathology and occupational therapy for children with a variety of disabilities who have difficulty with their communications.  Funds from CVS Caremark target the development of electronic learning for children with communication disabilities, especially those with autism who have a relatively short opportunity to maximize learning.

Evan on the mound.
Evan takes the mound at Fenway Park.

A portion of CVS Caremark's financial support to help severely disabled children is a result of a partnership between CVS Caremark All Kids Can and the Boston Red Sox.  Through the "CVS Caremark Saves" and "Extra Inning" charitable initiatives, CVS Caremark makes a contribution for every save recorded by the Red Sox bullpen at Fenway Park and for every home game that goes into extra innings.

To celebrate this remarkable partnership between Boston Children's Hospital and CVS Caremark, every year a Boston Children's Hospital patient from one of the funded programs throws out a ceremonial first pitch before a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  Ten-year old Evan threw out the first pitch in 2011.  Diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at 18 months old, Evan has had several mini-surgeries at Boston Children's over the years, and more recently, hamstring-release surgery.  He has never been one to be hindered by his diagnosis!  Evan has played on town soccer teams and baseball teams in the past, and currently, he hand-cycles, water-skis and snow-skis with New England Disabled Sports. 


Corporate philanthropy to Boston Children’s is a fantastic way to leverage your charitable giving to help hundreds of thousands of families around the world.
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