Corporate Giving

Corporate Philanthropy

When your company supports Boston Children's Hospital, it makes a lasting investment in the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. As the need for Boston Children’s specialized care continues to grow, the need for impactful funding increases. Our scientists are at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries and life changing research, your company can provide the support they need to remain innovators in their field – curing disease and improving the lives of countless children around the world.

Programmatic Gifts

Through 270 specialized programs - more depth and breadth than any other pediatric hospital in the world - we provide care others can’t offer. From treating chronically ill children all the way to telemedicine and obesity, Boston Children's programs are improving lives of our patients, and making discoveries that will change the futures of children throughout the world. These diverse clinical and research initiatives speak to the scope of need - the priorities that depend on the philanthropic support. Corporate programmatic support helps to strategically align philanthropy with the mission of the business.

  • Brain
  • Cancer
  • Genomics
  • Heart
  • Community Health
  • Stem Cell

Kidvestment: Our Partnership for Healthy Kids

Kidvestment develops and offers health education, outreach, prevention, and intervention programs for children and families in low-income communities. Thanks to our Kidvestment Corporate Partners these programs provide lifelines to children and their families, lowering the incidence and severity of injury and disease while improving childrens’ social and academic well-being.

Boston Children's Hospital regularly conducts childrens' health needs assessments in the Greater Boston area to identify and address the most prevalent child health issues. We know our children's health, particularly in the at-risk neighborhoods of Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill and Roxbury, are most compromised in the following areas:

Contact: Jane Hamel, Senior Director of Corporate Relations

Join us in recognizing our Kidvestment Corporate Partners.
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CVS Caremark helps kids

Through their All Kids Can Initiative CVS helps kids with disabilities.
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