Family Philanthropy

Grown-ups aren't the only ones who can make a difference. Children can give back, too. And as a parent, you have the power to instill a spirit of compassion at a young age.

If philanthropy matters to you, Boston Children's Hospital offers a number of ways to help you point your kids in the right direction.

Create a fundraiser

Talk with your child about holding a fundraiser to support Boston Children's. Lemonade stands, yard sales and cookie sales are a few of the time-tested favorites. But we've also seen trivia nights, fitness challenges and all kinds of other events. See more ideas.

Making donations

Many children have dipped into their own piggy banks to give to Boston Children's. Another option: asking invited guests to a birthday party or other special occasion to contribute to the hospital rather than bringing a present. (With your child's blessing, of course!) Learn more about giving in honor of a special celebration.

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