How do I register?

Visit bostonchildrens.org/fundraisers and click the “Register” button. Answer a few questions, and we’ll be in touch within a week.

How will I know when my fundraiser is registered?

We’ll call you within a few business days and you’ll get an email too.

Are there restrictions on fundraisers?

Your fundraiser must align with the mission and image of Boston Children’s Hospital for us to endorse it. For example, we cannot endorse fundraisers sponsored by alcohol or tobacco companies. We’ll let you know if we’re concerned with any aspect of your fundraiser during our initial call.

When can I host a fundraiser?

Whenever you’d like; our program runs year-round. Although, fundraisers of 100+ participants cannot be scheduled on the same day as an event hosted by Boston Children’s Hospital without our prior approval.

What can I name my fundraiser?

Boston Children’s Hospital can only be identified as the beneficiary of your fundraiser. For example, it cannot be called "Boston Children’s Hospital Ride for Kids"; instead, it should be "Ride for Kids benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital."

Can I designate my funds raised?

Yes! A listing of funding options is available at bostonchildrens.org/fundraisers. If you have a particular hospital area in mind, please discuss this during the initial call with your staff partner. Please note certain funds might not be available if this is your first year fundraising.


How do I plan a fundraiser?

Take it one step at a time. Once registered, log in to your Fundraising Center for helpful tips and tools, and to edit and share your Personal Fundraising page. Create a budget, set a goal, use social media, and engage friends and family. We’ll also provide you with staff support and guidance along the way.

How do I access my Fundraising Center?

Once registered and approved, go to bostonchildrens.org/fundraisers and click the “Log In” button. Use the same credentials you created when you registered your event. From the Fundraising Center, you can edit your Personal Fundraising page, send emails, and access lots of tools to help you succeed.

Can someone from Boston Children’s attend and/or speak at my event or committee meetings?

We cannot guarantee physicians, staff or volunteers at your event. We also cannot provide patient images or stories (for their own privacy).

Are there any guidelines around sponsorship and in-kind donations?

To avoid duplicate solicitations, we ask that you notify us before asking a business or company for a donation, cash or in-kind.

Can I have a raffle at my event?

To legally conduct any gambling activity or “game of chance” in Massachusetts, including raffles, bazaars, and “Las Vegas night” events, your organization must maintain 501c3 status and acquire a permit from the clerk of the city in which the fundraiser will take place. For more information, visit the Department of the Attorney General’s website.

What about an auction?

Yes! You can absolutely host a silent or live auction. As a reminder, when advertising any items in a silent or live auction, you must display the fair market value. No items can be priceless because the donor will not be eligible for a tax receipt. Boston Children’s Hospital will only issue IRS-compliant tax receipts if the donor pays beyond the fair market value and if payment is made directly to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Does Boston Children’s provide event insurance?

No, Community Fundraiser coordinators are responsible for obtaining any permits or insurance.


Will you help promote my fundraiser?

We’re here to guide you, and we provide tools in your Fundraising Center to help you promote your event. We cannot manage your event, or provide donor lists, stationary, or promote on hospital property.

Can I use Boston Children’s Hospital’s name and logo?

Yes, you can download “benefiting Boston Children’s Hospital” logos and our seal in your Fundraising Center. Whenever you use our logo or name, your final piece (flyer, etc.) needs to be approved by our staff.

Can you post my event on the Boston Children’s Facebook page?

For your event to be posted on our Facebook page, the revenue goal must be at least $50,000. If the fundraiser is new, you must show evidence that the event will meet the revenue goal.

Can I post about my fundraiser on social media?

Yes, it’s a great way to promote your fundraiser and spread the word! We recommend that you share the link to your Personal Fundraising Page, so your friends and family can read your story and easily donate online—even if they can’t attend an event.


Do I need to create a 501c3 (non-profit) organization to host a fundraiser for Boston Children’s?

No need! You just need to register online for our approval.

Should Boston Children’s Hospital issue tax receipts to my donors?

Yes. Boston Children’s will issue IRS-compliant tax receipts to the full extent of the law, only if a donation of $250 or above is made payable directly to Boston Children’s Hospital along with detailed contact information of the donor. Please do not promise any kind of receipts; issuing an inappropriate receipt can hurt our charitable tax status.

Can I pay myself back for expenses I’ve incurred?

You’re responsible for covering event expenses and will not be reimbursed by Boston Children’s. If you are paying for expenses, please deduct these from the funds raised prior to sending your donation check. Your expenses shouldn’t exceed 30% of funds raised. We maintain an average fundraising ratio of 22% and strongly encourage the same standard.

Where do I send proceeds?

All proceeds need to be made payable to Boston Children’s Hospital and mailed to us within 30 days of completing your fundraiser. Please mail your donation in the envelopes we provide.

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